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    1. 企业文化

      Enterprise Culture

      瀚镪愿景 | HANQIANG VISION

      客户的梦想   员工的天堂   股东的避风港

      Customer's dream   Employee's paradise   Shareholder'styphoon shelter


      成就一流的物流业咨询专家团队行业领先的规划与系统集成设备供应商 ,为中国现代物流业的发展全力以赴

      The achievement of first-class logistics industry consulting expert team leader in planning and system integration equipment supplier, for the development of China's modern logistics industry

      瀚镪价值观 | HANQIANG VALUES


      Han power automation in the spirit of "people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, "affinity shopper" standard of value, advocate to performance oriented innovation, collaboration, and efficient spirit of enterprise, the establishment of "sharing" value allocation criteria.